Gina’s Gentle Giants

Elephants – that’s a pretty large topic! I happen to love those big ol’ pachyderms! I was first attracted to them when I learned of their social habits. They live in family units, fiercely protect their young and mourn their dead. They seek the companionship of one another and, despite their huge size and mammoth strength, they are not intrinsically prone to violent behavior.

Their gentle nature is perhaps my favorite thing about elephants. They could strut around being the biggest, baddest animals in the neighborhood and, really, who would argue with them? But no, they choose to go about their quiet way without leveraging their power unnecessarily.

We humans like to think we’re so evolved but we would be well-served if we behaved more like elephants. Mind our own business, go about the business of living without pushing our weight around…just imagine that! We – yes, we – are their only predators – isn’t that a disgrace.

Some of my cherished elephant collection

Some of my cherished elephant collection

I have a nice collection of elephant figurines, a snow globe and a coffee table book that I cherish. They serve to remind me that gentleness and instinctual kindness can be found everywhere – even in nature. 

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