Ode to My Kitchen

My kitchen is my favorite room in the house. That’s weird because it’s usually the messiest – or at least the most cluttered. In most situations, I particularly appreciate cleanliness, order and neatness – but hey, I can’t let my life be dictated by what actions keep things in the most mint-like condition. My life is about more than that. It’s about how I feel – not about how things appear. Priorities, girl!

Gina's French onion soup

Gina’s French onion soup

In the spirit of my best professional writing, I shall make a bulleted list of reasons why my kitchen is indeed my favorite place to be in my house – and definitely in the top five favorite places in the world.

I feel like the best version of me when I’m in my kitchen because:

  • I’m surrounded by abundance and possibilities
  • I have the opportunity to be creative
  • I can exercise my desire to organize, utilize and create things that are more than the sum of their parts
  • I feel competent and in control
  • I have all the tools and equipment I require
  • I get to “play” with flavors and textures
  • There’s no one judging me
  • It smells good in there (usually)
  • I’m providing nourishment (and edible love) for my dearest one and myself
  • I’m able to eat the “fruits” of my efforts
  • My spirit is fed by time spent in my kitchen cooking, baking and making food

There’s very little that defines my spirit, aspirations and priorities as well as the Gina who is in her kitchen.

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