Reflections on a Dark Room

Once a time a time isn’t necessarily a long time ago…

Throughout our years sharing a bed together, my Sweetie and I have enjoyed countless late, late-night talks as we drift off to sleep, kitties snuggled nearby, the house dark and quiet and our minds weary yet freed from the affairs of the day due to the lateness of the hour. Sometimes we brainstorm possibilities for the continuing alphabetical naming of our future cats. Sometimes we go on preposterous flights of verbal fancy. Sometimes we remember episodes of long-lost TV shows we swear we were the only ones who watched. Sometimes we try to think of ways to repurpose videotapes. And sometimes it’s simply utter nonsense… 😉 And on those nights we drift off to peaceful sleep with smiles on our faces and joyful laughter in our hearts – more in love with us than ever.


Other nights, we talk into the wee-hours about more substantial things – yes, really. Last night’s conversation renewed my love for myself as well as my deep and abiding appreciation for my man who deeply appreciates me. Torn down by the negativity, hatred, selfishness and sadness I witness around me lately, worn out by the day-in, day out mundaneness of my present life circumstances, I felt bereft of direction or motivation. (In case you don’t know, I’m not a person who functions for long on auto-pilot without falling into a deep, disheartened funk.) I was a dead car battery and my Sweetie – through words of encouragement and faith –  jump-started me back to life – back to passion and purpose.

The thoughts with which I drifted off to peaceful sleep last night were: There is more to me – and more for me – and now I know I will discover and experience it because he said I can. And that’s always been all I need.

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  1. kellypea says:

    It truly is amazing how little those we love have to say to lift our spirits, build confidence, and generally validate when we most need it. Goodness knows I need that today.

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