Why I Write What I Write

This article is very interesting (albeit not very well-written) and confirms that which I already know to be a fact…

It brings up something to which I can strongly relate – the importance of writing in my life.

I’ve always felt that my innate urge to write was an organic means for me to make cognitive sense of my feelings and imagination – as well as fortify and incorporate my memories into my inner life. I have journaled extensively and credit the activity with saving my peace of mind on dozens of occasions. Writing from my heart as I do, whether in a journal or on a blog is so much more than simply putting down words for me – it’s an exercise that is an integral and necessary part of my makeup, keeping me grounded and healthy.



I’m newly re-committed to writing the types of things that fulfill me; yes, I’m proud to proclaim to myself and to the world that it is more than a talent – it’s my calling and my purpose in this crazy ride called life. I’m so thankful I’ve can exercise this ability to continually improve myself – and hopefully inspire and entertain others along the way.

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