Playa del Carmen: A Retrospective – Day 2

By this day last year, we’d settled in and recovered from “travel day weariness.” We were excited to get out and about to explore this wonderful resort and all it had to offer!

Memories of 8/8/16 – As I look at the photos from this day, it is clear to me that I wanted to capture every sight with my camera so I could somehow “take” pieces of the experience with me to visit again into the future. Not that I don’t trust my memory, but I didn’t want to let a second go by, it seemed, without snapping an image of every detail.

The photos in the slideshow were taken by me unless noted that Scott took them. He took four to my forty; clearly preferring substance over quality.

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2 Responses to Playa del Carmen: A Retrospective – Day 2

  1. kelly says:

    I enjoyed your trip memories and lovely photos over my solo dinner this evening. It’s amazing a whole year has flown by since you were there. What a great place to stay. Beautiful surroundings, great pool area–looks so relaxing! It makes me realize we need to relax more when we’re on vacation.

    • GinaBee says:

      This was definitely the “be indulged” kind of vacation. I don’t think we’d ever done one of those on our own – we normally plan lots of activities. Of course, you guys take the cake when it comes to planning vacation activities!

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