I Dream of Houses

I’m rather a fan of the way my mind works; in waking hours and sleeping hours alike. Awake (especially in the shower for some reason) I’ve been known to be an introspective, profound, problem-solving whiz. I bring a raw intelligence, sharp wit and unique perspective to the days of my life. I don’t claim these qualities out of hubris or inflated self-image; the insight comes from years of observation and the wisdom gained through living this life with my emotional eyes open.

My sleep is equally interesting (at least to me). My dream life is rich and memorable. I’ve remembered particular dreams for many years, incorporating them into the fabric of my identity. I’m prone to experiencing recurring dreams that portray very particular themes all too familiar in my waking life: feeling invisible, being lost, and failing to escape someone/something pursuing me.

Another category of my recurring dreams I call my “house dreams.” These take place in very particular houses in which I may or may not have ever lived. The dreams always take place in the same houses and usually follow a very similar storyline. I’ve wanted to write about these dreams for a long time, in hopes I’ll stumble upon some revelation in the process of committing them to the written word.

My house dreams touch me on a spiritual level because of a deeply felt desire in my waking life to someday find and reside in my “forever home.” It’s an elusive (as yet) place I aspire to one day know and live in for, well, the rest of my days. My forever home isn’t a grand place; it’s comfortable and fresh and just spacious enough to stretch my imagination and support my creativity. It’s a place that cradles my Sweetie and our kitties and I in a sense of security and belonging. It’s our ideal place where we take pride in every square inch because it reflects and displays the things we hold most dear. If I have one desire above all others in my life, it is to experience the dream of living in our forever home become reality.

It’s only natural to try to make some sense of dreams – especially those that revisit us (or we revisit…) periodically. It’s human nature to attach meaning to phenomena, such as dreams, that we don’t thoroughly comprehend. But I’m a skeptic when it comes to dream analysis. I mean, I have a vivid imagination, a strong grasp of allegory and creative interpretation and, as my mom once observed, a particularly analytical mind. These factors combined could easily lead me to “conclusions” as to the meaning and significance of my dreams. But I in no way believe that I can apply those mental proclivities to magically unlock my dreams’ hidden meaning. Why would my mind communicate with me through metaphor? And even if it did, how do I know that I’m interpreting correctly? It’s just all too subjective for this analytical brain to buy without some science to back it up.

Now, about those houses… They fascinate me to my core; so I’m  going to write about them and the dreams that unfold within them. I’ll tackle them one at a time in as much detail as my waking mind can elaborate upon that which happens during the decidedly non-word accessible state that is REM sleep. It’s going to be an journey of deep introspection and, hopefully, self-discovery.

So watch this blog for those posts about my dream houses, coming soon.

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