Looking At My Future From Today

(This post is part of a series chronicling my Women on the Verge journey. Read all updates in the series.)

The last hour of this year that finds me contemplating my future self… 


In 2020, Gina will be a woman who:

  • practices a proactive daily routine
  • frequently steps outside her comfort zone with grace and confidence 
  • makes daily strides (however small) toward goals that matter to her
  • moves her body to encourage flexibility and strength
  • doesn’t hesitate to ask for help
  • believes that kindness is the most attractive accessory
  • makes sure her ego takes a back seat to her instinct
  • says “no” to things that don’t serve the best interests of her life
  • turns toward that which calls to her spirit
  • recognizes when she’s worrying and turns her mind to more productive pursuits
  • reads something mentally nourishing daily
  • can withstand feeling that she’s “falling apart,” secure in the knowledge that it’s part of growth
  • courageously tackles something intimidating
  • is grateful for everything, good and bad, for the gifts that can be gleaned
  • learns a new skill
  • honestly believes that she’s awesome
  • believes her past beliefs and identity do not define her present or future
  • unconditionally loves and appreciates her body and mind – for what they were, are and will be
  • speaks her mind because her opinion matters
  • writes from her heart and soul regularly
  • firmly believes (despite all evidence to the contrary) the fairy tale with all her heart: 
    • love will triumph over hate
    • people are inherently good
    • the betterment of the many outweigh the enrichment of the few
    • that humans working together toward a common goal is the strongest force that exists
    • compassion is the cure for the world’s ills

When I look in my 2020 mirror, THIS is who I’ll see. I will step into this Gina because she is already here, waiting for me to embody her.

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  1. kelly says:

    “Believes her past beliefs and identity do not define her present or future.” Yes. All kinds of yes to this.

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