How Dare You Dismiss the Seriousness of the COVID-19 Pandemic!

I am LIVID upon learning that there are those who either don’t believe we’re experiencing a pandemic and/or do believe that we’re “overreacting” to it. Well, to those, I’d like to extend an invitation to go fuck themselves. And I have a right to say that because of what my husband and I have been through the last two years.

October 18, 2018, my husband Scott was diagnosed with colon cancer. Against our will, we were forced to join a club that day. A club that would claim the lives of 606,880 people the next year while my Sweetie was undergoing chemotherapy, hoping he would not be included in such a statistic himself.

It is in this emotional space that I craft a message to YOU, you self-important jerk who insists that this is all some sort of political game or hoax. COVID-19 has, in a mere five weeks, taken the lives of 55,000+ people in the U.S. alone. Indulge me in a little simple math here: 

If you multiply that five weeks by a nice round 10, you come up with 50 weeks which is just a few shy of the number of weeks in a year.

If you multiply the number of deaths in those five weeks by the same 10, you come up with 500,000. (And that’s with mitigation, in other words, responsible, mature people stepping up and making the personal sacrifices necessary to flatten the curve.)

Gee, that’s kind of close to the 600,000+ annual deaths from cancer, isn’t it? And still you claim the number of victims of COVID-19 is insignificant. That’s a conservative number of potential cases, by the way, considering how, because of its manner of contagion, the number of cases grows exponentially. 

Furthermore, you go on to say that taking precautions, like shutting down businesses, physical distancing, wearing face coverings and gloves… are unnecessarily inconvenient. Aww, ain’t your life rough? In fact, you may go so far as to say that imposing such precautionary measures infringes upon your rights as an American citizen.

Really. Measures to protect the lives of others, not to mention your own, are “inconvenient” and “un-American?” Do you realize that you are consciously choosing to put yourself and your personal desires ahead of your fellow citizens? Is that the kind of person you are? The kind of person who, when presented with a simple, painless (albeit slightly inconvenient) means to help save the lives of nearly half a million Americans this year chooses to bitch about your degree of inconvenience?

When precautionary measures ARE taken, this disease’s (unlike cancer, heart disease, diabetes…) occurrence CAN be impacted. WE can make a significant difference in how many people’s lives this virus impacts. It’s like a superpower we possess as humans; that we can take a measure of control over something that has potential to do us grave harm. All we have to do is act selflessly for just a little while, in the grand scheme of things. Doesn’t seem like a lot to do for our fellow humans.

I can’t stress strongly enough how I wished there had been something I – or anyone – could have done to prevent my Sweetie – or any patient – from having to go through a cancer ordeal. But there is no such action. But for those who may contract COVID-19, there is. I see, though; you can’t be bothered. YOU want to go out to eat. YOU want to get your nails done. YOU want to go to the movies. YOU want to stay in your comfortable bubble of privilege, denying that the world, in only a few short weeks, has changed profoundly. YOU don’t want YOUR life – you know, the one you deserve, to change an iota, even to help others.

How dare you, you selfish bastard.

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2 Responses to How Dare You Dismiss the Seriousness of the COVID-19 Pandemic!

  1. kelly says:

    This deserves a standing ovation. I’m so disgusted with people who only ever think of whatever talking head on a YouTube channel, or so called “patriot” Sirius channel, podcast, Faux news, or right wig nut blog tells them to think. They’re the epitome of losing, not winning. They’re the bullies and the a-holes, the lily-livered nobodies who need someone like the pathetic piece of orange flesh they voted for to give them a fake spine.

    • GinaBee says:

      Silly me, I once thought that most people were decent and, when/if it came down to it, they’d do the right thing. I’m sad to have learned that more people than I can believe, would ultimately throw others under the bus rather than be inconvenienced. It’s sickening. And once the numbers got into my head, I became enraged. Sadness and rage are a tough mixture to live with. I ache.

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