The Cost of Your “Winning” has been too Great

If I read one more “Yesterday was awful,  BUT… Ima gonna lose it.

(For historical context, yesterday was January 6, 2021, the day domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. at the behest/urging of Donald Trump in protest of what he claimed (and they believed) was a “rigged” election in which he lost the presidency to Joe Biden.)

There is no but. No matter what “wins” you personally feel the Trump administration accomplished, it was ALL accomplished spitefully, with malicious intent and in an underhanded fashion. Sounds like a “swampy” M.O. for people so intent on draining a swamp. So I  hope you’re choking on your “wins” at this point, considering the righteousness, conscience and dignity you paid for them.

Because motivation matters. Integrity matters. Even in politics. Even when you feel like no one is feeling your particular “pain.” Rolling around in the mud, lying, cheating and disrespecting the office was the best strategy you could devise? Really? You not only went into the swamp, but you swam with the worst of the slime in it – and even brought along your own to revel in the muck. All in the name of (finally) getting your way… Talk about immature. Petty. Hateful.

Speaking of “winners” – oh yeah, there are none. You all debased yourselves to get (some of) what you wanted. But because you did it in such an unscrupulous way, your wins ring hollow, like your sense of morals/ethics/humanity. Democracy lost too and we are left with it’s shell, sullied, defiled, raped, violated – all so that you could claim victory, dominance, rightness…

It was and is wrong. Every time you excused him. Every time you belittled the degree of audacity, malfeasance and incompetence with which he operated. Our ailing Democracy is on YOU – his enablers who “yeah, butted” their way through this presidency, just so you could feel all that “winning” you were promised.

You all should feel intense shame. But I know you’re too self-absorbed to understand how complicit you are for making things SO. MUCH. WORSE. for our country, her citizens and the world at large. No matter how much you believe in “America first,” we are part a global family, upon whom we (as privileged ones) have a great responsibility.

This all came about because of your cynicism: “They’re all crooks so ya gotta just be a better crook to own them.” Well, frankly, FUCK THAT attitude. It’s defeatist and it’s lazy and it’s predatory. NO, there’s no magic bullet, no shortcut. There’s also no winning without compromise. America doesn’t operate via the Art of the Deal because we’re not a billionaire’s plaything. We’re a living, breathing organism comprised of people who need direction and leadership and guidance – and that comes from the top (which is – hopefully – populated by well-intentioned, self-actualized, healthily-adjusted adults). We are strong not because “We’re #1!” but because we don’t leave the weak behind, the needy wanting or the lost without a path.

Living by those morals are the only thing that ever has or ever will make America great.

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