The Story of Once a Time a Time

My Little Pink Flowered Notebook

Once a time a time, Little Gina was fascinated by notebooks. And pink. And fanciful flower prints. The first notebook I ever owned came from The Paper Store – a little shop on Main Street in my hometown where my brother and one of my sisters worked when they were in high school. One day the little girly number you see pictured here in my header caught my eye and I convinced Mom I had to have it. I was probably five or six years old and I had some things to write – and apparently needed a place of my own to do so. I remember writing in it, keeping it handy in a dresser drawer for when the need to write swept over me. I don’t remember exactly what I wrote – all the used pages are long gone. Only a few empty lined sheets remain. As years passed, the allure of writing in that notebook waned but its appeal remained. I’d sneak a peek at the cover sporting those adorable flowers and that happy pink and I’d be reminded of Little Gina days.

I’ve  kept the silly little thing my entire life, too, among my personal “treasures” in my big box of memorabilia. I have to admit, it still brings a smile to my face. It’s a quaint reminder of that young writer long ago who, even then, was attracted to the idea of preserving my thoughts in writing. The fact that I needed a notebook – and cherished it so – indicates to me just how innate the urge to write has always been to me. Even then, to write in my own special space made me feel like myself; it defined me and brought me joy.

It’s my hope that writing here on Once a Time a Time will provide an opportunity to demonstrate my continuing enthusiasm for writing and bring to life all the stories I have to tell. In doing so, I hope to entertain, explain and maybe even inspire with my words. To read me is to know me; I hope you enjoy your time here.