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She Doesn’t Know She Can Fly

(This post is part of a series chronicling my Women on the Verge journey. Read all updates in the series.) I’m going to start out, Gentle Reader, with an outlandish proclamation in which I hope you’ll indulge me: Cats can fly. … Continue reading

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How Dare You Dismiss the Seriousness of the COVID-19 Pandemic!

I am LIVID upon learning that there are those who either don’t believe we’re experiencing a pandemic and/or do believe that we’re “overreacting” to it. Well, to those, I’d like to extend an invitation to go fuck themselves. And I … Continue reading

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Listening to Trump is Like Living With My Emotionally Abusive Ex-Husband Again

In case you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live with an emotionally abusive husband, all you have to do is listen to Trump. I’ve been triggered by him every day of his presidency – and for a large portion … Continue reading

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In My Room

Or,…  Finding Inner Peace at Home While the World’s in Turmoil This COVID-19 quarantine, I’ve decided, is going to change me. And I’m not only going to let it change me, I’m going to encourage it to do so. In … Continue reading

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How the Past Two Years Have Prepared Me to More Calmly Cope With COVAD-19 (Part III)

(The short version…our life’s been like this for us for over two years – falling headlong from one frightening personal disaster to the next.)  This is the third installment of several chronicling the most difficult two years of our life. … Continue reading

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