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Playa del Carmen: A Retrospective

It was our distinct pleasure and privilege to be treated to a family vacation last year to Playa del Carmen, Mexico by my wonderful and generous mother-in-law, Sharon. I haven’t shared many photos from that thrill-of-a-lifetime adventure, but this week, … Continue reading

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Choux Cake Challenge Accepted!

I did it! I recently opted-in to participate in a baking challenge on Baking on the 15th. The challenge works like this: Participants agree to bake the same recipe which has been selected in advance by the host. Each participant … Continue reading

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Baking Up Some Personal Growth

Once a time a time, a young girl grew up in a house with a mom, a dad, a slew of siblings and a widowed grandma. Every Friday, that industrious grandma would bake loaves of her signature bread (also known … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Eggs, Baby!

One year ago this very day, we brought home our newest feline friend, whom we named Eggs Benedict. We’d had the name chosen for years (it’s based on a character mentioned in an old Woody Allen standup comedy bit) – … Continue reading

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Did You Bring Enough for Everyone?

I appreciate this boiled-down perspective of the residents of planet Earth so much! When we look at the world at large, it’s big, mysterious, confusing and often scary. So much is foreign to us as Americans; so much that’s unfamiliar to … Continue reading

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