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Why I Write What I Write

This article is very interesting (albeit not very well-written) and confirms that which I already know to be a fact… It brings up something to which I can strongly relate – the importance of writing in my life. I’ve always … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Dark Room

Once a time a time isn’t necessarily a long time ago… Throughout our years sharing a bed together, my Sweetie and I have enjoyed countless late, late-night talks as we drift off to sleep, kitties snuggled nearby, the house dark … Continue reading

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Once a Time a Time, I Was Quoted in a Book

As I finish another crochet item – a very pretty shawl – this evening, I have yarn both around my fingers and on my mind. I  am reminded of something I wrote in a Twitter chat, circa 2010. Lest you … Continue reading

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Gina’s Gentle Giants

Elephants – that’s a pretty large topic! I happen to love those big ol’ pachyderms! I was first attracted to them when I learned of their social habits. They live in family units, fiercely protect their young and mourn their … Continue reading

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The Party Guest Who Didn’t Mingle

While attending a party a little more than a year ago at a rented venue, I made my way around the room visiting and chatting. On one of the banquet chairs, I spotted a lone shoe. It was just sitting there, … Continue reading

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