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Did You Bring Enough for Everyone?

I appreciate this boiled-down perspective of the residents of planet Earth so much! When we look at the world at large, it’s big, mysterious, confusing and often scary. So much is foreign to us as Americans; so much that’s unfamiliar to … Continue reading

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The Abused: We’re Not All Kesha But We All Need Support

This article I read yesterday has haunted me the last 24 hours. I’m a new Lenny reader and have been deeply impressed by Lena Dunham’s informed, passionate and articulate writing. She really touched some chords in me with this piece; … Continue reading

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Why I Write What I Write

This article is very interesting (albeit not very well-written) and confirms that which I already know to be a fact… It brings up something to which I can strongly relate – the importance of writing in my life. I’ve always … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Dark Room

Once a time a time isn’t necessarily a long time ago… Throughout our years sharing a bed together, my Sweetie and I have enjoyed countless late, late-night talks as we drift off to sleep, kitties snuggled nearby, the house dark … Continue reading

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Once a Time a Time, I Was Quoted in a Book

As I finish another crochet item – a very pretty shawl – this evening, I have yarn both around my fingers and on my mind. I  am reminded of something I wrote in a Twitter chat, circa 2010. Lest you … Continue reading

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