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The Lateness of the Hour

If you happened to read the post I wrote yesterday, you’re already acquainted with my dad’s friend, Jonesy’s, habit of uttering some phrases that would make you think twice. Whereas I ultimately disagreed with the message of Jonesy’s expression in … Continue reading

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I Adored Him, But Jonesy Was Wrong

My dad had a dear lifelong friend who went by the name Jonesy. Apparently Jonesy had a habit of uttering some unique phrases, a la Yogi Bera. One “Jonesy-ism was the expression, “You can’t get there from here.” I believe … Continue reading

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Wabbit Season? Duck Season? Nope. It’s Pumpkin Season Around Here!

Once a time a time, Gina was in eighth grade at Conrad Ball Junior High School, barely tolerating – but occasionally even enjoying – the experiences her turbulent first year at a new school in a different state brought her … Continue reading

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